Freitag, 16. März 2012

this weekend: munich

after hangin out at the studio of Bartellow here in munich all week i'm looking forward to try our new tunes on a proper soundsystem...... so tonight my friend Calapez from Lisabon is comin' over to play at the Inside the Haze party at Yip Yab. Bartellow is also gonna bless the crowd with some records. Speakin of Haze, the Weedgeterian also gonna make a sneak appearance and rinse out some deep ish for the crowd......


Weedgetarian (Philpot / Vienna)
Calapez (Fortek / Lisbon)
Bartellow (Estrela / Munich)
Brisée (Much Love / Munich)

then tomorrow i'm gonna play alongside Alkalino his Much Love label nights in the Pimpernell. really looking forward to play alongside him, since we never played together, and also i've heard some pretty good stories about the club. and what a funky name for a location.........


Roman Rauch (Much Love/ Endless Flight/ Vienna)
Alkalino (Much Love/ Audaz/ Munich)

Mittwoch, 14. März 2012

time for an update......

mid of march already, time for an update my lil' blog here........ first things first...... in february i released a 12" on the Moreaboutmusic Secret Weapon label from London. After heavy diffculties with some premaster and a fucked up test pressing, it's finally here, my first 12" for the new Secret Weapon sublabel by More About Music. included is also a very dope remix by Italian house head Simoncino. pretty excited about it. heard it got already love by the major players like Gilles Peterson, Alex Nut and many more......